SafeLink Customer Service Contacts: SafelinkWireless Phone Number

SafeLink Wireless customer care service 1 800 toll free phone number

SafeLink Wireless support representative can be reached by phone from 8am till 12am throughout the week. Whether you have some questions relating to your cell phone or your mobile plan, don’t hesitate to call the support center to get some help. To contact Safelink customer service number real person and read Safelink wireless reviews, visit the official webpage

SafeLink Wireless customer service phone number for technical inquiries: 1-800-378-1684

Safelink customer care number for enrollment and plan changes: 1-800-Safelink (1-800-723-3546)

Technical support live chat online

The company’s agents do not handle inquiries via live chat.


The online inquiries can be sent to [email protected]. It may take up to seven days to get your request processed.

Fax number

In addition to Safelink customer support number, the company does not provide any fax number for clients’ inquiries.

Mail address

The written inquiries, feedbacks or complaints can be sent per post using the following mail address:

SafeLink Wireless, PO BOX 220009 Milwaukie, OR 97269-0009

SafeLink customer support hours

Safelink cell phone customer service can handle your inquiries from 8am till 12am throughout the working week. Potentially, their hours of operation will be extended to 24/7 format.
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SafeLink phones at Walmart

The variety of SafeLink phones can be found at Walmart stores. Just apply for one of SafeLink Wireless phones and it will be yours with no contract that would define your relations with Safelink phone company.