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Very interesting changes have occurred in the global market, and today it is worth telling you about new prospects for profitable investments. Thanks to the achievements of the S & P 500, stock equities are growing rapidly.

The previous week was very productive in terms of important political or economic events and meetings that may affect current market prices trend. We are talking about new Apple’s revenue reports, important negotiations between the US and China related to prospects for joint trade, discussion on the future infrastructure plan between President Trump and House Speaker Pelosi.

These and many other factors can be key when choosing an investment object. Let’s consider 4 biggest banks with the most promising stocks that can bring you new incomes.

1. Bank of America (BAC)

BAC shares are plummeting rapidly because many co-owners began to sell them. Thus, the demand has decreased and you have the opportunity to purchase them at a relatively low price. Moreover, the current lower threshold is already 40% more than the previous one. Jefferies analysts have lowered the bank rates after the company’s management statement related to the interest income growth slowdown. Our experts are confident that the shares will soon normalize and the price will rise again.


2. Citigroup (C)

Citigroup shares are growing rapidly to new price indicators, which weren’t unprecedented since October. Mid-April technical analysis showed a new growth trend. We see a very weak “bull trend”, however, it is real and the price will continue to grow. Soon the shares will come out over the multi-month trading range and beat the last record of 78 dollars.

It is best to buy stocks related to the US energy complex.

According to the plan, the company will publish thematic data in mid-July 2019. Most analysts are confident that the profit will be about $ 1.9 per share. The total income from such a price move will be around 19 billion dollars.

3. JPMorgan (JPM)

JPMorgan stocks surprised everyone and have set a new intraday record last week. Stocks exceeded easily the previous level by 3 cents. Further price development in this direction can be reinforced by people's hopes for a change in mortgage loans related to buying summer houses throughout the country.

The company will report received results on July 12, before the call. Analysts expect earnings of $ 2.56 per share, and revenues at $ 29.3 billion. There is no doubt in these forecasts because the last record was a little less and it was achieved very quickly. This type of stocks has the most promising growth trend in today's market.


4. Morgan Stanley (MS)

MS shares are actively “fighting” with the 200-day moving average. Stocks are returning to summer levels, which will lead to a trend repeat. Thus, experts predict a price increase of about 30% of the minimum. It is obvious that the ground is being prepared for the so-called "golden cross", which we have not seen for more than 3 years. If you are going to buy these shares, then you need to know about the expected profit, which is almost $1.4 per share.