American Assistance Customer Service Contacts

American Assistance customer service 1 800 toll free phone number

American Assistance customer service is the fastest and the easiest way to get necessary information in a short period of time using just mobile phones. In case you need more information, American Assistance lifeline service can always offer you more data. Currently, the service is available in Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Arizona and more.

American Assistance offers government cell phones to eligible Americans. The subscribers get a free voice or chat minutes. The American Assistance phone number is 1-877-266-7212, it is totally free, so you shouldn’t count every minute of conversation. The service is available 24/7.

Live chat

Sometimes it happens so that there is no opportunity to make a call, that is why chat may become a great helping hand. You just have to write a message in a live chat and the assistant from service will immediately write back. It is also possible to chat on Facebook, to do that you need to have a Facebook account and visit the American Assistance page:


At the moment there is no company Email available if you want to write a letter you have to use the mail form on the main web page.

Fax number

You can also fax letters or other documents to the number 1-877-211-37-05. It is extremely useful for government requests and document transfer.

Mail address

In the era of the Internet paper letters are becoming an extremely rare phenomenon, still, if you want to contact in such way here is the Email address:

P.O. Box 577, Toledo, OH 43697.

American Assistance wireless Lifeline program

The American Assistance program may be useful for everyone from a student to a business companion, if you want to sign up you can apply online on the website or do it via telephone at 1.877.266.7212 and the assistant will lead the application process.