Assist Wireless Customer Service Contacts

Assist Wireless customer service 1 800 toll-free phone number

In a case of any complaints, inquiries, feedbacks, or lost phone issues you have a chance to call by Assist Wireless customer service number 24 hours per day.

Thus, the support center representatives are always there for you to select the best suitable phone plans for you, instruct about phone upgrade, or simply add minutes to your current tariff.

Assist Wireless phone number can be found on the official homepage in the section Contact us.

Assist Wireless phone number: 1-855-392-7747

Live chat

Assist does not provide customers support via live chat.


Contacting Assist Wireless over the telephone is not the only option you have. Depending on the type of your issue, you have an opportunity to email customer support.

The email address can be checked on the official homepage in the section Contact us. Email address [email protected]


Assist does not provide customers support via fax. The telephone communication would be the best option in this case.

Mail address

The Assist support center can be reached by post as well. The address is 2330 Gravel Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76118.

Assist Wireless phone upgrade

If your mobile cell phone upgrade is in your nearest plans, refer to Assist Wireless Program. This program provides you with a great upgrade opportunity to give the second life to your mobile device by improving its technical characteristics. The telephone upgrade site can be found here:

For more detailed information, refer to customer support that can be reached via Assist Wireless customer service phone number: 1-855-392-7747